On behalf of our client, plans have been filed with Ballarat City Council to build a medical centre and pharmacy on a vacant block of land on the corner of Armstrong Street South and Grant Street.

The proposed medical centre building boasts a contemporary design which retains and enhances the existing heritage character.

The project delivers a community benefit through providing health related services in a location that is easily accessible by either foot, bicycle, car or public transport.

Victorian Planit Planning Manager, Travis Ferrari said the proposal will provide much needed health services to central Ballarat.

“The building has been architecturally designed to ensure it upholds and compliments the existing heritage character of the South Ballarat Heritage Precinct,” he said.

“It will reflect a high-quality urban design to reinforce the landmark status of the site.”

Over the three storey building there will be a full range of medical services including; GP Clinic, Dental Clinic, Physiotherapy, Pre-employment Medical, Pharmacy, Pathology, Skin Clinic and other ancillary services.

The project is a transformative element in shaping the future of central Ballarat’s health services by providing convenience and ease of access to the community while considering the Heritage character of the local area.