Project Description

Rural land sharing community



Our role

Nightcap, Mount Burrell and Kunghar, New South Wales

  • Project lead and liaison
  • Town planning
  • Ecological
  • Civil engineering

Planit’s town planning team is working with NCV Enterprises to establish multiple rural land-sharing communities within 1584 hectares of natural landscape.

Nightcap is a concept proposal that will facilitate up to 390 dwellings across 12 allotments by way of clustered communities.

Rural land sharing communities are an alternative dwelling and ownership type where multiple owners of an allotment can erect multiple dwellings without subdivision. These communities provide a collaborative, sustainable and social use of land, important in developing ‘community’ living opportunities.

Planit is working with the applicant to prepare and lodge the town planning proposal. We will realise their vision for the emergence of Nightcap as ecologically intuitive, co-operative, organically minded and socially interactive shared living communities.

The site is located within a vast natural rainforest and bushland area, containing expansive areas of scenic and ecological significance. Preparation of the concept involved over two years of ecological investigations and site studies to determine the extent of developable areas within the site. This also identified the scope for rehabilitation, preservation and enhancement of this ecological significance while allowing for significant dwelling uplift.

The concept provided:

  • 296 hectares of developable land
  • 17 hectares for provision of community facilities
  • 546 hectares of ecological rehabilitation/protection
  • 211 hectaries of open space/scenic amenity
  • 41 hectare village centre
  • 26.5 kilometre internal roadway network.

Planit’s town planners coordinated the project team consultants, preparing a comprehensive planning concept that will provide the framework for future applications across the site and emergence of the Nightcap rural land sharing communities.