Project Description

Oxenford Quarry



Our role

Oxenford, Queensland

  • Site investigations
  • Town planning
  • Urban design

Planit was engaged to prepare a development application for a development permit for a material change of use for an extension to the existing approved footprint and the duration of an existing lawful Extractive Industry (Quarry) at Oxenford.

The changes to the approved quarry footprint involves extending the footprint to the southeast and southwest whilst reducing the footprint to the northeast.

The Oxenford Quarry supplies high quality concrete and quarry products to residents, commercial, government and infrastructure projects on the Gold Coast, Logan City Council area and Northern New South Wales.

The quarry is a key resource (KRA 68) of state significance. The quality of the resource has been extensively tested and is suitable for a variety of applications such as use in the production of concrete for civil engineering and construction projects.

If approved, the new phased plan of development will:

  • enlarge and realign the quarry footprint by 17 hectares within the approved Key Resource Area boundary KRA68 (a net operational footprint increase of around 9 hectares);
  • protect hectares of bushland habitat – so 57% of the site will be buffer land and biodiversity corridor;
  • move the quarry operation away from homes in the north-east;
  • extend the quarry’s duration at Oxenford.