Project Description

North Lismore Plateau residential subdivision



Our role

North Lismore, New South Wales

  • Rezoning engineering studies
  • Sewer and water servicing strategy
  • Stormwater management plan
  • DA design documentation
  • Project and design management services

Planit has been involved with the North Lismore Plateau development preparing various technical assessments to support the rezoning application through the New South Wales government gateway planning process for the proposed 2000 lot residential development.

In addition to the approved rezoning application, Planit is now working on the development application (DA) engineering documents (reports and design drawings).

The site has a considerable amount of topographical constraints, being extremely steep and hilly in addition to the flat flood plain areas which have drainage complications. Planit has provided engineering solutions to these constraints which have maximised lot yield and minimised construction costs.

As this development site is in a rural area of Lismore there is inadequate existing infrastructure to service such a development. Planit has been involved in analysing the regional capacity of existing services and providing a framework for the augmentation and implementation of the required services to facilitate the development in an economical manner.