Midrise beach-front apartments



Our role

Palm Beach, Gold Coast

  • Town planning
  • Project coordination
  • Coastal management
  • Stormwater management
  • Waste management
  • Residential density management
  • Design of communal open space

Planit assisted Velocity Property Group to achieve a development permit for a nine storey beach-front residential apartment building. The approval allowed for 21 units, totaling 61 bedrooms.

The proposed development was over the applicable density of one bedroom per 33m2 which allowed for only 37 bedrooms on the subject site, thus the approval achieved a 64% additional density.

The site was located within the coastal management district and erosion prone area. In order to resolve State planning policy and assessment provisions, the development included a seawall.

Planit was able to successfully strategise with project team consultants and negotiate with Council officers’ to deliver alternative outcomes in relation to seawall maintenance setbacks, off-site waste management and stormwater management issues.

The alternative outcomes proposed by Planit were able to overcome Council’s standard requirements and information requests that would have resulted in a loss of yield, increased construction costs for an additional basement and changes to the apartment configurations that would have resulted in a loss of projected market value.