Country Paradise Adventure Playground



Our role

Nerang, Queensland

  • Concept design
  • Documentation
  • Stakeholder consultation 

Planit was engaged to design and document a bespoke adventure playground for City of Gold Coast. The play space is approximately 1400m2 and sits within the 13.25 hectare Country Paradise Parkland adjoining Crane Creek, a tributary to the Nerang River.


Planit’s design approach is site responsive, using design overlays intrinsic to the site itself. The existing heritage and country character inform the play elements and material uses; like playing on a farm, climbing pipes and towers and pumping water. This intuit design has bespoke elements integrated with standard play equipment. The adventure playground provides interest and challenges both physically and mentally – marrying in with the environment and designing with consideration to the riparian zone; taking into account flood impacts and Crane Creek by playing on that natural elements through water play.


The proximity of Country Paradise Parklands to the Nerang State Forest provides opportunity to marry environmental and educational elements within the parkland design. Commonly used as a home-schooling location, the site will offer high educational values through its integrated and open design. Combining a variety of challenges for all ages and abilities such as self-pump waterplay, rope climb and swings, balance challenges, jumping, spinning and elevations, along with useful amenities, the park will be one that people will talk about and return to over and over, a must-do destination.