The Kensington and Kingsford town centres located along Anzac Parade, Sydney’s finest grand green boulevard, comprise an important urban renewal corridor in the Randwick City local government area (LGA).
Planit was engaged to assist with recent planning amendments made to the overall Planning Strategy: Kensington and Kingsford Town Centres (“The Strategy”).
Planning experts at Planit performed the functions of the NSW State Planning Department, as delegate for the Minister of Planning.
Planit’s role in the project was to prepare the final assessment reporting and ministerial briefing documentation, coordination between stakeholders and assisting with the legal drafting of the legislative amendments.
The amendments are in line with The Strategy which contains a suite of key directions, objectives and strategies and actions to guide the future sustainable growth and development of the town centres.
The project focuses on creativity and innovation continuing to develop into an exciting and dynamic town drawn on its rich multi-cultural identity.
The town centre will provide a diverse offer of restaurants, cafes and retail shopping, set within a rejuvenated public domain that supports activation and social interaction.
With a green focus, a new performance benchmark will be set for sustainability within the LGA through public places with canopy trees and landscaping and support of sustainable transport modes such as the light rail, buses, cycling and walking.
The integrity of existing heritage items, contributory buildings and/or heritage conservation areas within and around the town centres will continue to be respected and integrated, through high quality architectural design
We are proud to work along a new vision for the two centres that is based on sustainable growth to creating vibrant, prosperous and attractive places.