Lance Newley: Town Planner & WEE Specialist


When Lance Newley obtained his degree in urban and regional planning, QUT was already emphasising the need for environmental sustainability in building development. His years in the workplace, particularly at Planit Consulting, have honed his skills in urban design and the delivery of sustainable buildings.

Although the focus on environmental impact varies depending upon the size of the project and where it is situated, water and energy efficiency remains an issue in all applications.

With accreditation in both Queensland and New South Wales from the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors in Thermal Simulations, as well as accreditation to perform assessments under the BASIX second generation pilot program in New South Wales, Lance is more than qualified to do the job.

The mix of Lance’s qualifications works extremely well for Planit’s clients as it allows him to see applications through from start to finish. These have included everything from the conversion of an existing office into a caretaker’s dwelling, to large multiple dwelling and high rise developments. The fact that Lance can cover both town planning and environmental efficiency streamlines the process.